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vm-Studio Module x86

(HelpVersion: 1.00) vm-Studio -> Dues

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You can access the module via the menu bar (Software->Vehicle->Dues) or via the switch on the left side in the >Dues< area. If you have enabled user and roles, you will need rights to make changes in this module. We distinguish between dependent and independent modules. This affects the data that you see in the module. Read more about this under Data control. In the module you will find a data area and a Table. In addition to the possibility of sorting, the table also contains the option of data filtering. These filters result from the created specifications of DropDown Fields. For general handling of the table and Data control, read the relevant sections.
Some functions of the software exist in the same form in the modules. To make the help consistent, these statements have been placed on a wiki page.


In the area you can enter any fees, payments or costs. For example, fines for traffic offenses. Also tolls or parking fees. Each entry can be linked to a driver. The evaluations can be used to check in which periods, which drivers, what costs.

  • To make the input easier, you can define entire data records as Templates.
  • In addition to sorting and filtering the table, you have the option of evaluating this area. The Evaluation and the Report are available for this.
  • A driver can be assigned to each data record as Person. You can call up this person at any time or send a Mail to Contact. Data from the current data record can be used in the mail using a script. Read more about sending mails under Mail system.
  • A Document can be assigned to each data record. This is stored and can be called up at any time.
Screenshot: Dues


Future appointments can be transferred in the Calendar. Read more about this under Set appointment. When setting recurring appointments, appointments are entered in the calendar at predefined intervals. Read more about this under Recurring appointments


The Cost Center field is a Template Field. In the Settings you define the currency in which the amount is displayed. You can transfer the amount to Cash book using Post Amount. In this case, the amount, the cost center, the vehicle and other information are transmitted. In the case of recurring postings, an interval posting is generated for the amount. Read more about this under Recurring bookings