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vm-Studio Update

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  • New error.png Error : A corrected mistake
  • New content.png New : Innovation in existing modules
  • New module.png Module : New module or new main function
  • New cloud.png Cloud : New service or environment function





  • New content.png New: Open the console via the information icons.
  • New content.png New: Check amount already posted in the inventory of the vehicle.
  • New content.png New: Check for valid date when transferring to the calendar.
  • New error.png Error: Correction display of transmission data inventory of the vehicle.



  • New content.png New: Backup: The backup is done as a zip archive.
  • New content.png New: Backup: The mail script directory can also be backed up.
  • New content.png New: Check whether an appointment from the module has already been transferred.
  • New error.png Error: The software crashes when car sharing is used without having defined a pool vehicle.
  • New error.png Error: Security question when deleting records corrected.
  • New error.png Error: Status display for defective vehicles.
  • New error.png Error: Error message when starting in the maintenance area.
  • New error.png Error: Module errors if a vehicle was used immediately after being installed in modules.