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(HelpVersion: 1.00) Function-> Server

After starting the software, a local database is set up. This is based on the open source SQLite database. This database is absolutely sufficient for private individuals, as well as small and medium-sized companies. The database works locally on the computer on which the software was installed. You have the option to set up the database as a server application. This allows any number of people within a network to work simultaneously with the same database.
In the near future, the software will also be able to work with mySQL databases. These mySQL databases can be operated both as a local server application and as a web cloud application.
To use the database as a server, you need the server module. If this is activated, a new menu item "Server" is available for the settings. Please note: If user control has been activated, only users with administrator rights can change the server settings. You reach the settings under the menu bar. (File->Settings->Database).


Src server config 1.PNG

On the first page you can set whether the database should be renewed. Background: Two people work in the software at the same time in the module fuel. Person A enters new tank information for a vehicle and saves it. Person B is currently working with a database in the memory buffer that does not contain these changes. When you turn on refresh, a new version of the database is put into memory every x minutes. The database will be automatically renewed if:

  • a person changes a module
  • a change is made to a record
  • a new record is entered

Therefore, renewal is only required if you are not actively working in the database for a long time. To activate the function, click the switch and enter a number in the field. This number corresponds to the number of minutes between two database refreshes. (Recommendation: 5 minutes)

Template + Tags

By default, Templates and DropDown words are stored in two xml files. These are automatically always in the same directory as the database. (See point 2: server). Alternatively, instead of the xml file, you can also use a database for storage. This has the advantage, among other things, that the number of templates is unlimited. There is a limitation, however. You must enter any special character in the field that serves as a separator. This character should never be used in the software (!) In a template or drop-down word.
Please note: This option is currently not active.


Src server config 2.PNG

In the second area you can set the database. If you work with our SQLite database, you have the possibility to operate it in the network. All persons use the same central database. This can be on a server or in a network on one of the computers used. How to set up a server database for all users:

  • 1. Select a computer whose database (empty or already edited) should serve as the basis for the server database.
  • 2. Switch to the second tab of the server settings. Click on the button "Create path".
  • 3. Create or select any path on the network. (Make sure that all users have the rights to access this path. The new path is now entered in the text field.
  • 4. All other computers, which should also work with the server database, must now be linked. Start the software on these computers and also switch to the second area of the server settings.
  • 5. Important: On all other computers, click on the button "Assign path". Select the previously used path.
  • 6. Restart the software.

So you use "create path" on one computer and "assign path" on all other computers.


Alternatively, you can also use mySQL as a database. If you have a mySQL database, enter the information in the fields. When you restart the software, the software connects to the database. At initial connection, all tables are now created and set up on the server.

mySQL Cloud

Another option is to completely outsource the database to the cloud. For this purpose, we provide you with a database on one of our servers, which can be reached via the Internet. The setup and connection to the database is done by means of a configuration file, which you invite via the switch. Please note: This option is currently not active.


on the fourth tab you can accept the online version of CarSharing.
More about this soon.