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Welcome to the Mythos Development Help wiki home page.
On these pages you will find wiki articles on all programs, modules and functions of our products. We also offer online courses, FAQ pages and information pages.
If you click the help button in the software, you will be taken to the help page for the relevant module. You can also use the search bar on this wiki to search for topics using keywords. We also show you all the categories here. Under these sections you will find all the wiki pages that are assigned to this topic.

Please note:: This wiki is under construction. Some areas currently contain incomplete text and will be revised shortly. Pages with a version number in the upper third have been finally revised by us. The version number also shows you changes since the last visit. The help pages are constantly corrected and expanded.


Each wiki page is assigned to one or more categories. On the main pages of the categories you will find all wiki pages linked.

Logo software.png Software Homepage of the respective software Logo manual.png Manual Instructions are general help. For example: Uninstall
Logo function.png Function Functions are components in modules and programs Logo modul.png Module Modules are components within software. Example: Maintenance in vms
Faq1.jpg FAQ Rubric list for all FAQ pages


In order to be able to answer frequently recurring questions optimally, we have set up an FAQ area. Here you can get answers to your questions without waiting. The area is divided into categories.
The homepage of the FAQ section can be found here: FAQ

Vehicle Management Studio

The Vehicle Management Studio (vms) manages your fleet.