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The software can be used in different languages. The possible languages are constantly being expanded. All program texts and labels are displayed in the selected language. The current version of the language can be found in the console log. When you start the software for the first time, you will get a selection window. In this you will find all available languages. Select the desired language and confirm the selection. If you leave the window with Cancel, then the English language is set.
Some texts are not available in all languages: At program start, messages can be produced even before the language file is loaded. This information is written in English in the console log. The help in this wiki is only available in English, German and Spanish. Only in English are the commands and names of SQL commands for report. Also the parameters for the automatic scripts of the Mail system are in English.

Language change

You can change the language at any time during operation. To do this, click File-> Settings-> Language in the menu bar. Now you get the selection window of the languages, which also appears when the software is started for the first time. Select the desired language. All program texts change after confirmation without having to restart the software. (The only exceptions are the categories in the table, which only update after the software is restarted)

Improvement of the language

Some of the languages were translated using programs. These digital translations do not have to correspond to the best translation. On our homepage you will find the possibility to contact us via e-mail. If you think a switch is better labeled with a different term. Then let us know. Write informally in an e-mail the name of the software, the area in which the term was found, as well as the said text and, in your opinion, a better translation of the term.