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FAQ vm-Studio

(HelpVersion 1.00:FAQ:5) FAQ -> FAQ:en:vm-Studio

Some areas are grayed out and cannot be clicked. Are these chargeable?? FAQ:vms-01
No. We are constantly working on extensions and new functions. At the time of the release of a version, these are still in beta or alpha status and are therefore not activated. These are activated with an update. We are already setting the corresponding switches, as this makes wiki help easier with the screenshots.

What are the fees for using it? FAQ:vms-02
The software is completely free when using up to ten vehicles. Regardless of whether it is used by private individuals, companies, organizations, authorities or freelancers. More than 10 vehicles are subject to a fee. The costs can be found on the homepage. We reserve the right to make some modules such as User or Server functions that are subject to a fee. Cloud services such as mail mailboxes or mySQL databases are always subject to a fee. The respective prices can be found on the homepage.

Are updates for a fee? FAQ:vms-03
Updates are generally free of charge. It can happen that a new module or a new cloud service is implemented with an update, which is subject to a charge. However, this has no influence on the existing functions of the software.

What languages is the software available in? FAQ:vms-04
The help and the homepage are available in German, English and Spanish. The software can currently also be used in German, English and Spanish. Additional languages for the software are planned. The software is planned to be available in these languages: French, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Danish, Indian, Portuguese, [...]. This only affects the software. The homepage and help remain limited to the first three languages.

From time to time, symbols appear at the bottom right? What do these mean? FAQ:vms-05
The symbols inform you about events and events. In most cases you will receive an explanatory text as soon as you move the mouse over the symbol. Some symbols are permanent. These inform you, for example, of a successful connection to the mail server. Other symbols disappear as soon as the relevant information has been delivered. You will receive this information in the text version of the console.